Maths Market Week 2018

In preparation for Maths Market Week, children were given the challenge to make their very own Maths game.  They then played the games in class so that their peers could evaluate them against the given criteria.  We had some really creative and challenging Maths games that inspired and motivated us to think about Maths beyond the classroom.

During Maths Market Week the children became entrepreneurs! They wrote persuasive letters and business proposals to apply for a loan so that they could purchase materials to make their very own products.  They delegated roles to class members to lead the finances, advertisements and packaging, as well as managing the market stalls and the sporting event.

Throughout the week the children took part in outdoor maths trails, made a video advertisement and created posters to advertise their products around the school.   We had Coding Box workshops where children had to work as part of team developing their listening skills in order to solve mathematical problems piecing together different information so that they could open the box.  Many children found this quite challenging but with resilience and a growth mindset they persevered and celebrated their team’s success at the end of the session.

To finish the week, parents and carers donated cakes to sell and of course our entrepreneurs put up their stalls and sold their products.  A great afternoon was had by all and we raised a whopping £723.49!

Thank you to all of the children, parents and staff for their enthusiasm, commitment and hard work to make Maths Market Week a great success. We are already planning how to make it even better next year!