Governing Body

Our Governing Body is made up of four different categories of governors, and there are 12 members in total.

Foundation Governors (7) – represent the interest of the Catholic Church and the Trustees of the School, the Diocese of Brentwood. These members are appointed by the Diocese of Brentwood and outnumber all the other categories of governor.

Parent Governors (2) – are parents with children currently on roll at our school. Parent governors are elected by the parents.

Staff Governors (1) – is a member of the teaching staff or the support staff. Staff governors are elected by the school staff.

Head Teacher Governor (1) – is the current Head Teacher of the school . He/She is appointed by virtue of office.

The role of the members of the governing body is to have a strategic role in running the school and to act as “critical friend” to the headteacher by providing advice and support. They should have a major role in planning what the school does. With the main intention of keeping school improvement at the forefront of everything that the school does, they have the right – and the responsibility – to ask searching questions about the way the service the school is providing.

Governors are elected for a term of four years.

Our current Governors are:

Foundation Governors

Mr T Abrowka – 31.08.2023
Ms I. Aniya – 31.08.2023
Fr M Copps – 15.09.2023
Ms L. Elias – 14.04.25
Mrs S. Millington – 31.08. 2022
Mrs T. Osingolu – 05.03.2022
Mrs M. Thorn (Chair) – 29.07.2023

Staff Governors

Mr J. Kiernan – 17.11.2021

Parent Governors

Mr H. Irabor – 17.09.2023
Ms J. Darkwah – 06.11.2023


Ms I. Aniya
Fr M. Copps
Ms J. Darkwah
Mrs S. Millington
Mrs M. Thorn – Chair
Ms N. Scott – Head Teacher

Finance/Premises Committee

Mr T. Abrowka
Ms L. Elias
Mr J. Kiernan
Mr H. Irabor
Mrs T. Osinjolu
Mrs M. Thorn
Ms N. Scott – Head Teacher

Declaration of Interests

Governor Attendance

The Chair of Governors can be contacted at