At St Francis’ Catholic Primary School we place great importance on regular and punctual attendance both because it is a legal requirement, and because days missed or late arrival at school disrupt the education of the child concerned and that of pupils in the class.

Discipline in this and all other matters is part of the ethos of the school leading to appropriate self-esteem and respect for others. The high standard of attendance at our school, which is currently above national levels, is a major contributory factor to the success achieved by our children and something of which we are very proud.
We urge parents to play their part by getting their children to school on time.

Late arrival

Children who do not arrive in time to join their class at 8.55 are late, and those who arrive after this time will receive a late mark. Persistent lateness will result in a letter to parents and a possible fine. We can look after children from 7.30am at our Breakfast Club. The children can get breakfast and are certain to be on time for school. There is a small daily charge for this.


If your child is sick, we require a covering note on the child’s return explaining the reason for the absence. It helps greatly if you telephone us to let us know why your child is absent and if they are going to be off for more than one or two days.

Late Collection

We ask you to ensure that children arrive and also are collected on time, as these are good habits which benefit children in later years and which will enable them to obtain the best from their time at school.
It is upsetting for children to be left uncollected after school and also unfair to school staff who have to abandon their work to look after children whose parents or carers arrive late.

Please ensure that you take care to make appropriate arrangements so this does not happen.

We can look after children until 6 pm, by arrangement, in our Tea Time Club. There is a daily fee for this additional service, which can be used for children aged between 5 and 11 years.