St. Francis’ Choir – concerts

During the Spring Term, the children of St. Francis’ have been very busy preparing for and performing musical concerts.

The St. Francis’ Choir presented a brilliant performance of their home-grown Easter Cantata. Based on Jerusalem Joy by Roger Jones, the choir chose various other songs that they felt told the Easter story, by composers as varied as George Frideric Handel and Andrew Lloydd-Webber. St. Francis’ Minnie Vinnies brilliantly read the narration between the songs in what was more an act of worship than a concert.

Earlier in the term, children learning with both Front Row Music and Rocksteady also performed in very well-received concerts. The Front Row concert saw children from all year-groups performing, some children from Year 1 and 2 performing on their instruments for the first time!

The Rocksteady concert saw our four Rock Bands performing well known Rock hits, getting the audience to sing along and showing how well they have learnt to play together in an ensemble.